Anaesthetic fees are billed to your insurance company or yourself and are completely separate from those paid to your surgeon or the hospital. Professional anaesthetic fees are NOT included in self funded hospital packages.

If you have medical insurance, these fees may differ from your own insurance company reimbursement levels. You should be aware that there may be a shortfall that your insurer will not settle and this is your responsibility. Therefore, as each policy is individual to each patient, we strongly recommend that you contact your insurer before your admission to hospital.

Your surgeon’s secretary can give you the planned procedure code(s) for your surgery. You can then contact our office on 020 7636 9155 or by email [email protected] to get an estimate for your anaesthetic fees for the proposed surgical procedure. Please note that we are only able to give an estimate of anaesthetic fees, as additional charges may be added at the time of surgery due to unavoidable code changes and the length and complexity of surgery. If the procedure and care differs from that planned, the fee may also vary.

More complex anaesthetic techniques, such as nerve blocks, spinals and epidurals, may be deemed necessary, for example for pain control. An additional charge will be made, which not all insurance providers recognise.